Insightful advice from small business owners & experts

#23 Staying True to Your Aesthetic

Husband and wife team Brett and Caroline run botanical design brand, Stengun Drawings, offering a collection of contemporary greeting cards, postcards and Giclee prints featuring flowers and plants.

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#21 Working As a Florist in London & Somerset

Florist Ellie Jauncey shares her small business journey. In 2009, with Anna Day, Ellie founded The Flower Appreciation Society in London. 11 years later, having moved to Somerset, she has set up her second floristry business, Ede Flowers. 

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#17 Overcoming Lack of Self Confidence

Transformational Courage & Confidence Coach Arianna Trapani shares her small business journey, including her two career changes from the world of interior design to lifestyle influencer to coach.

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