Insightful advice from small business owners & experts

Sarah Diligent Floribunda Rose

#58 Becoming a Florist and Opening a Flower School

Floral Designer & Flower School Owner Sarah Diligent shares her small business journey. Based in Hampshire, she provides British flowers for weddings and events, plus runs courses. She’s also co-written the book, ‘A Guide to Floral Mechanics’. 

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Polly Nicholson Bayntun Flowers

#54 Becoming an Organic Flower Grower

Organic flower grower Polly Nicholson from Bayntun Flowers shares her small business journey. Passionate about tulips, she also grows narcissi, alliums, peonies, clematis, sweet peas, bearded irises, delphiniums, zinnias and dahlias.

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#50 The Story of Botanique Workshop

Owner of Botanique Workshop, Alice Howard shares her small business journey. Initially setting up a shop focused on upcycling, she now runs a florist and artisan gift store in London.

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#48 From the NHS to Becoming a Farmer Florist

Farmer florist Sarah Whiting shares her small business journey. After working for many years in senior management in the NHS, she took redundancy. And having always been a keen gardener, spent time in her garden. Then seven years ago, she decided to set up Nettlewood Flowers.

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Tammy Hall

#47 From London Architect to Farmer Florist

Farmer florist Tammy Hall shares her small business journey. On moving from Australia to London to work as an architect, she met her partner and went to live on his farm in the Shropshire countryside. And ten years ago, she decided to set up Wild Bunch Flowers.

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#46 From Florist to Lightweight Living Concept Founder

Founder of Hikarui, Chikae Howland shares her small business journey. After working as a florist, she created her concept of Lightweight Living, Hikarui, which was born out of her own need to find ways to improve her lifestyle and have better overall well-being.

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Amy McGee Botanical Brouhaha

#45 The Story of Botanical Brouhaha

Texas-based floristry blogger and podcaster Amy McGee shares her small business journey. She now runs the blog Botanical Brouhaha and Bloom Trust Co, plus hosts the Botanical Brouhaha podcast.

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Athena & Mairead Rebel Rebel Florists

#43 Florist Duo Rebel Rebel Share Their Story

Florists Athena Duncan and Mairead Curtin from Rebel Rebel share their small business journey. Starting in 2020, they’ve grown their small floral events company into a thriving business with a shop, weddings and events team, and Rebel Italia in Tuscany. 

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#42 From the Corporate World to Coach

Coach, writer and speaker Mandy Lehto shares her small business journey. Starting in investment banking, she changed career and trained to be a coach. And she now coaches perfectionists, people-pleasers and overachievers.

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#41 Starting & Growing a Wedding Flowers Business

Florist and flower grower India Hurst from Vervain shares her small business journey. Coming from a family of growers, she set up her business in 2014. And she now creates wedding and event flowers in her ‘orchestrated chaos’ floristry style.

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Caroline Rowland

#40 The Story of 91 Magazine

Founding Editor and Publisher of 91 Magazine Caroline Rowland shares her small business story. After working as a Picture Editor at the Financial Times, she decided to set up an independent interiors and lifestyle magazine.

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