#34 Changing Career & Becoming a Floral Decorator & Author

Floral decorator, garden designer and author Lucy Hunter shares her small business journey.  From initially working in the corporate world, she changed career and became a landscape designer. She now also works as a floral decorator and has written her first book, ‘The Flower Hunter’. 


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  1. Having taken a workshop with Lucy in San Francisco just before the pandemic hit, I have been an admirer ever since. The way she sees things thru her lens, comes from within. It’s such a blend of her beautiful styling, the flowers, the lighting, even down to the silk ribbons that she dyes herself. I loved what she said in the podcast about how creatives need to push themselves. I think we can get stuck in our “comfortable zone” and without pushing ourselves, how do we grow? Thank you for including the above links, which will give me inspiration until my book arrives.

    1. Hello Emily. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. 🙂 You’re more than welcome for the links. And I’m sure you’ll l-o-v-e Lucy’s book! Rona x

    2. Oh Emily, thank you so much for this lovely comment. Who would have known that a few days after our workshop the world would shut down. I’m so grateful though that the workshop did happen and we got to spend a bit of time staring down camera lenses at beautiful flowers together! Happy days. Xx

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