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The My Small Business & Me podcast and YouTube channel are the resources, which I wish had been available to me when I began my start-up journey back in 2008.

So, I’ve created this resource for small business owners, like you…no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

The journey Begins

Setting up a podcast has been on my very long list of ‘Things To Do’ for a couple of years. But a conversation with a very good friend in December 2020 was the gentle nudge I needed. And my podcast journey began…


My Story...

Having moved from a career in the corporate world and becoming a small business owner, I appreciate the many challenges you too may face…

Kelly Sparkes | Web Designer & WordPress Expert
Duncan McCabe | Freelance Content Creator


Your Small Business

Listen or watch my interviews with small business owners who share insights into what it takes to run a successful, sustainable and profitable business.

& You

Learn from well-being specialists who can help you, both mentally and physically, to make sure you prioritise your most valuable business asset – you!

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

Richard H.Schuller

There’s so much that goes into becoming a successful, happy entrepreneur. And I hope that by listening to the podcast or watching the YouTube videos helps you on your journey. 


After leaving my corporate job in London, in 2008 I set up my very first small business as a Virtual Assistant. 

Two years later, realising that my passion lay with the floristry industry, I set up my floral-inspired blog Flowerona

And now I specialise in training small business owners on social media with my signature Instagram for Florists online course


Learn from small business owners & experts every Tuesday!