#29 From Psychologist to Seed Merchant

Seed merchant Grace Alexander shares her multi-hyphenated ‘suit to boot’ career story. Originally, a psychologist, a change at work was the trigger to her deciding to plant some flowers in her garden. Since then she’s become a seed merchant, has set up a membership site and written her first book. The book is now to be published on September 30th.


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  1. Lovely listen, I had heard that Grace went to USA to do Floret training and was agog to hear about that but no mention, do another one please and tell us, I’d love to know about the amazing course Erin runs. If I’m wrong many apologies
    Angela x

    1. Hello Angela. I’m so pleased you enjoyed my conversation with Grace. I’ll have to see if I can find out from Grace. :-). Best wishes
      Rona xx

  2. Hi Angela, I was indeed blessed enough to win the scholarship to go to Floret in 2017 and it was utterly life-changing. So much generosity with her knowledge and her experiences not just about flower farming and growing, but about how to run a business and build a great team. I still come across situations and apply what she taught me! I have written about it within my membership space, Gather with Grace Alexander but I haven’t spoken about it on a podcast before. G x

  3. This has touched my heart ❤️ Grace is so beautiful, and her soul radiates so much love, warmth and kindness. I joined Gather in December, and I’ve been devouring everything since, staying up way later than I should just to keep reading and being inspired. Her writing is truly phenomenal.

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