#16 Creating Online Floristry Courses & A Podcast During the Pandemic

Artist Brigitte Girling from Moss & Stone Floral Design shares her small business journey, plus her career change from teaching to starting her business. Based in Suffolk, she teaches floristry via online courses and in-person classes. She also co-hosts the podcast, The Restless Creatives.Β 


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  1. I loved this! I’ve taken one of Bridgette’s online classes and learned so much. There are so many classes out there I think it all comes down to finding the right “fit”. I chose her class because I am so similar as far as just being a gardener who loves to grow beautiful flowers for making arrangements with. It’s more about an art form rather than a “how to business” . She sticks with who she really is and I resonate with that.

    I REALLY want to see Harry make a bowl!

    1. Hello Emily
      I’m so pleased to hear you enjoyed my interview with Brigitte! And yes, perhaps it’s time to see Harry working with flowers. πŸ˜‰
      Best wishes
      Rona x

  2. New York, New York; SO GOOD β€˜I played it Twice!!’
    I would recommend this session to anyone setting up a new business, floral or not. Positive, inspiring and upbeat.
    If you do love flowers, it’s worth heading over to Moss & Stone to check out her flower designs.
    Great rapport between Rona and Brigette – I truly think they should share the outtakes.

    1. Thank you so much Deborah! I’m so pleased you enjoyed my interview with Brigitte. πŸ™‚ Rona x

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